A glimpse at the cruelty of peter the great and its effect on russia

He basically dragged, kicking and screaming, an entire society toward modernization of its military, government, behavior, and even its appearance. He introduced a European culture that was foreign to the Russians and made demands upon both the people and nobility that at least attempted to make them more effective and more efficient. Peter understood that European technology, and the culture which drove it, were an avenue to national power. To this end, he plotted a modernization strategy for Russia which would ultimately make her the greatest power in Europe.

A glimpse at the cruelty of peter the great and its effect on russia

A typical intro on the career of Peter reads like this: Having inherited a vast but backward state, he propelled Russia to the rank of a major European power, while his extraordinary personality and wide scale reforms have been an inspiration to generations of historians, writers and ordinary Russians.

I take a different view. Although I agree that Peter accomplished great things, he was such a despicable human being that I shudder when I read the phrase "Peter the Great". Of all the men in history I have studied, few have disgusted me more than Peter of Russia.

This man was a thug and a despot. Peter was a vicious brute who was used to getting his way. He had so much power that he soon learned he could do anything he damn well pleased. He ran ramshod over the Russian people with complete impunity. Unfortunately, he also possessed an extremely aggressive nature.

A glimpse at the cruelty of peter the great and its effect on russia

He would threaten, intimidate, and bully till he got what he wanted. No one could resist him. His penchant for cruelty bordered on the barbaric.

Anyone close to Peter was terrified of the him. Many of the old-guard Russian nobility hated Peter with a passion because of his constant reforms at their expense. The boyars would do anything to get rid of this guy.

Because Peter was hated by so many, plots were always being developed against him. Unfortunately for them, Peter had an amazing streak of luck.

Someone would always warn Peter at the last minute and allow him to escape assassination by narrow margins. Once to safety, Peter would then cast a wide net and gather up anyone even remotely associated with the plot and throw them into the dungeon.

Although many of these people caught in the dragnet were innocent, the torture was so brutal and sadistic they would eventually confess to anything just to get it over with. At this point they were beheaded. Peter himself often took part in the beheadings himself.

Their heads were impaled on spikes and left up there for public display for months. If that is the case, then it would be interesting to know the reason. His mother hoped to wean him from the wicked ways of the Moscow brothels by wedding him to a lady who was as pious as she was beautiful.

Although she would bear him a son, the marriage was a total failure. Eudoxia had grown up with her nose in religious books. Since her mental horizons did not extend much further than her religious training, the brilliant Peter was bored beyond reason by her presence.

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Peter had the poor woman exiled to a lonely existence at a monastery as swiftly as he possibly could. You are a parent. You have spent your entire life creating a business or an institution that you are rightfully proud of.

Then you discover your only child intends to tear down your life work.

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What do you do? Do you kill the kid? By all accounts, Alexei was a capable young man. Due to their poor relationship, like many sons, Alexei rebelled against his father.

Alexei hated the wife Peter had chosen for him.

A glimpse at the cruelty of peter the great and its effect on russia

Alexei resisted the military career his father forced upon him. Alexei cursed the ground his father walked on. In private conversations, sometimes he was so mad at his father that he said he wished the man were dead.From the start, the USSR surely looked doomed due to the dismal economy and the uneducated populace it enherited from the Russian Empire, the physical and societal destruction wreaked by the Civil war, and antagonistic relations with every single world power.

Start studying A.P. World - Chapter Learn vocabulary, -Also known as Peter the Great; -Put down revolts against his rule with great cruelty. The Winter Palace: A Novel of Catherine the Great - Kindle edition by Eva Stachniak. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Winter Palace: A Novel of Catherine the plombier-nemours.coms: #10 Peter the Great is credited with modernizing Russia Peter’s overall health was never robust and in he began to have problems with his urinary tract and bladder.

His health further deteriorated in early and he breathed his last on February 8, in St. Petersburg. Even though Peter the Great was a significant leader in Russian history, many people disliked him for being cruel and tyrannical. Any rebellions, no matter how small could end with mass executions.

Peter had a liking to alcohol and he would use his enormous power for his entertainment. World History Quizzes (Ch. 4) Ivan the Terrible's cruelty was aimed mainly at.. How did Peter the Great gain territory for Russia along the Baltic Sea?

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