Business plan for rto mumbai

You can just use the sub-headings as the major sections of the business plan document. There are some great business plan templates and guides available at: But it is worth special mention as it will come under close scrutiny by the regulator during the application process. Once your application has been received by the regulator, they check it for completeness and then send it for review by a financial auditor.

Business plan for rto mumbai

Recovery Point Objectives [RPO] The recovery point objective can be defined as the maximum acceptable data loss measured over time. This relates to the backup storage which is required to resume normal operations in the event of a system failure.

business plan for rto mumbai

To get a clear idea of this concept, it is best to look at a practical example. If the RPO of a business is set at one hour, then back up of data must be done every hour.

The RTO and RPO are the two basic parameters, among others, that enable managers to draft a suitable disaster recovery plan for business continuity.

The other aspects of the disaster recovery plan business continuity are: Identify all the internal key personnel without whom the business cannot function.

Though this list can have as many names that are essential, it should be kept to the minimum. Critical functions and contact information must be identified and recorded. Alternate methods of communication should also be in place.

While stop gap measures can be introduced so that key personnel work from home, for longer periods of time, alternate locations should be identified as a part of the planning process. A contact list of critical vendors, contractors and suppliers should be made.

The contact information should also be a part of the disaster recovery plan. In addition to these people, a list others such as attorneys, bankers, IT consultants, utility companies, police, fire, water, hospitals etc.

Critical equipment, models, vendors etc should be identified and listed as a part of the plan. For example, some businesses depend heavily on fax machines for others it may be tailor-made specialized software.

Alternates for critical equipment and software are absolutely essential for business continuity. Identify all critical documents such as legal papers, articles of incorporation, utility bills, banking information, lease papers, tax returns, critical HR papers etc.

Copies of this must be available so as to restart the business. Make a list of other contingency equipment required. The list should show where items such as vehicles, computers, fax machines, printers etc. A contingency operational location should be identified in the event of a total facility loss.

Business operations can be resumed from the contingency location. The contingency location should be clearly identified in the business continuity plan and should be known to all personnel.29 people interested.

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It is a 1 day event organised . If you plan to visit the Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Tardeo for a learner’s licence on Monday, prepare for long queues and disruptions.

A massive fire gutted the RTO’s learning-licence. Mumbai: Police officials Now, in an attempt to curb this practice, authorities from the Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Vashi have decided to deliver licences to seekers at their homes. An RTO Business Plan is a requirement for initial registration to become an RTO.

It provides clear direction on how you plan to operate your RTO. Nov 03,  · Answer 1 of 9: Hi I am planing 2 day trip to Mumbai and the itinerary is as below if any one could look and provide any suggestion pls Day -1 11 am -- Arrival at mumbai central by 1 pm Visit to Haji Ali by 2pm then by taxi want to go band stand via.

Apart from police stations, Joister has so far installed the service at Mumbai, Thane RTO headquarters, police training centre at Marol (Mumbai), 21 government offices, 15 colleges, eight slums, four hospitals and three bus terminals in the state.

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