Databases at wachovia essay

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Databases at wachovia essay

Wachovia, excluding subsidiaries, was the fourth largest bank at the end of Smith had already replaced Thompson as chairman a month earlier. On July 9,Wachovia hired Treasury Undersecretary Bob Steel as chief executive in hopes that his experience would lead the company out of its difficulties.

However, its stock price plunged 27 percent on September 26 due to the seizure of Washington Mutual the previous night. Federal regulators pressured Wachovia to put itself up for sale over the weekend.

In order to obtain enough liquidity to do business, banks usually depend on short-term loans to each other. However, the markets had been so battered by a credit crisis related to the housing bubble that banks were skittish about making such loans. This would have resulted in a failure dwarfing that of WaMu.

The FDIC would have then sold the banking assets to the highest bidder. Bair felt this would best protect the small banks.

Databases at wachovia essay

It was the first time the FDIC had made such a determination since the passage of a law allowing the FDIC to handle large bank failures on short notice.

However, when a bank is deemed "systemically important," the FDIC is allowed to bypass this requirement. Steel had little choice but to agree, and the decision was announced on the morning of September 29, roughly 45 minutes before the markets opened.

In its announcement, the FDIC stressed that Wachovia did not fail and was not placed into receivership. Some of them planned to try to defeat the deal when it came up for shareholder approval.

Also, several experts in corporate dealmaking told The Charlotte Observer that such a strategy is very risky since federal regulators helped broker the deal. Though Citigroup was providing the liquidity that allowed Wachovia to continue to operate, Wells Fargo and Wachovia announced on October 3,that they had agreed to merge in an all-stock transaction requiring no government involvement.

Wachovia preferred the Wells Fargo deal because it would be worth more than the Citigroup deal and keep all of its businesses intact. Also, there is far less overlap between the banks, as Wells Fargo is dominant in the West and Midwest compared to the redundant footprint of Wachovia and Citibank along the East Coast.

That agreement states in part that until October 6, "Wachovia shall not, and shall not permit any of its subsidiaries or any of its or their respective officers, directors, [ Three members of the Wachovia board joined the Wells Fargo board. The merger created the largest branch network in the United States.

In filings unsealed two days before the merger approval in a New York federal court, Citigroup argued that its own deal was better for U.

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S taxpayers and Wachovia shareholders. It said that it had exposed itself to "substantial economic risk" by stating its intent to rescue Wachovia after less than 72 hours of due diligence. Citigroup had obtained an exclusive agreement in order to protect itself.

According to analysts, these tax breaks were worth billions of dollars to Wells Fargo. By the time Wells Fargo completed the acquisition of Wachovia, the byline "A Wells Fargo company" was added to the logo.

With stolen identities, the companies used unsigned checks to remove funds from personal Wachovia bank accounts. According to Pat Meehana U. The investigation found that Wachovia had failed to conduct suitable due diligence, and that it would have discovered the thefts if it had followed normal procedures.

The penalty is one of the largest ever demanded by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. These companies help Mexican immigrants in the United States send remittances back to family in Mexico, but it is widely known that they also present a significant money-laundering risk.

However, not only is it a "lucrative industry" that is able to charge high fees, but Wachovia also viewed it as a way to gain a foothold in the Hispanic banking market.

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Reports in Bloomberg Businessweek in June [71] and The Observer in April shed light on the extent to which Wachovia went to turn a blind eye, including by ignoring the warnings and suspicious activity reports SARs of its London-based director of anti-money-laundering.Wachovia also uses MineShare, which integrates seamlessly with the Oracle database and profitability system, to drill into the data and perform ad hoc analysis.

It can extract the data from the Oracle database, transform, summarize, and load it into MineShare cubes.

Companies have powerful technologies for understanding and interacting with customers, yet most still depend on mass media marketing to drive impersonal transactions. Case Study: Wachovia Bank July 11, Wachovia Bank, the fourth largest banking company in the U.S., needed a system that would work to minimize holdings .


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