Duty to train essay

Actions that are done from an active conscientiousness urging us to do our duty, are of a higher character than those that are done simply to comply with the requirements of the laws or social customs of the age we live in. We fail in our duty, in the obligations we are under to the moral laws, if we simply act because it is the "custom" so to do.

Duty to train essay

The English Book of Common Prayer asks every man "to do his duty in that state of life to which God has called him. A day is not properly ended until the duties it brought are discharged. The great Roman statesman Cicero once said "No phase of life, whether public or private, can be free from duty.

Poet Wordsworth has called duty the stern daughter of the voice of "God". Indeed, it is conscience that urges a man on to his duty.

No man can be so busy as not to have time for doing a work that has to be done. What is needed is the will to do it.

A good rule is to do what is immediately before us. As Carlyle said, "Do that which lies nearest thee, which thou knowest to be a duty. Many shirk duty because the path of the duty is often a thorny path.

In responding to that call of duty we become heroes ourselves. Some again seek praise or reward for the performance of a duty. This, however, is not to be thought of.

If any reward comes unexpectedly and unsought, the joy of it is all the sweeter. Gandhji also said so about public servants. Another thing to remember is that in doing our duty we may not always give pleasure to others.

There are unpleasant duties like thankless jobs when, for example, we have to stand up against a social wrong, or express our disapproval of a wrong-doer.

In other words, duty has to be done without either seeking rewards from or the goodwill of others, "To thy own self be true". The sense of duty determines human destiny. If we do our duty each day, we will continually climb upward.

Desire for fame should not be the incentive to duty; true glory is only the reward of duty faithfully done. There is a loftier consideration. The world has to march forward.Only exceptions are the train commander, an interpreter and the senior MP, who disembark at Marienborn to process the papers and inspect the train.

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Typical Run. Normally, the Berlin train consists of three compartmentalized sleeping cars, an escort car, mail and freight cars. U.S. personnel also operate two freight runs monthly hauling household goods from Bremerhaven port. Real Riders Tell Us Their Top Travel Essentials.

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Duty to train essay

But when you’re packing for your day, weekend or extended stay trips, what are your travel must-haves? But when a long train of abuses and usurpations it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

Read this passage from the Declaration of Independence/5(36). Personal Essay. The Personal Essay is required from all applicants.

It should be pages (1 page preferred).

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Essay should be double spaced, Times New Roman, no smaller than 10 and no larger than 12 font size, with 1 inch margins. Ensure your name is included on the essay.

The essay must be current (i.e., do not submit last year’s essay). The story of the poor railway man, who saved a passenger train from disaster but refused any reward, should be written in letters of gold -'Doing one's allotted duty brings its own reward'.

If any reward comes unexpectedly and unsought, the joy of it is all the sweeter. Generally, all owners of dogs tend to train their dogs on obedience. Obedience is a virtue that both human beings and dogs hold dear. Man is autocratic in nature and .

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