Earthquake in japan and in szechuan

It eclipsed significantly the Kobe and American Northridge earthquakes when taking into account the prices of goods in China and that of other nations. This earthquake had the highest homeless count in history with at least 4, people requiring shelter due to their houses being destroyed, with some estimates being as high as 10 million people needing shelter after the quake. More than five million rooms around 1. This is more than the number of houses that are in the entire country of Australia.

Earthquake in japan and in szechuan

Tibetan youngsters gather outside makeshift tents at a relief center in Kangding on November 23, near where the earthquake struck. Story highlights The death toll rises to five, the number of injured to 54, state media report The quake hit a mountainous area of Sichuan province It causes stampede at a primary school that left students hurt Authorities are still trying to assess the extent of the casualties and damage A powerful earthquake struck a remote Tibetan region of southwestern China, reportedly killing at least five people and causing a stampede at a primary school.

It injured more than 50 people and damaged around 25, houses, state media reported. The earthquake prompted students to flee from a primary school in the town of Tagong, near the epicenter, and 42 of them were injured in the ensuing rush, Xinhua said in an earlier report.

Video footage from the region showed panicked people dashing out of buildings as the quake struck. The area has experienced scores of smaller aftershocks.

Authorities say they have sent response teams and relief supplies to the affected region. Seismic activity frequently affects Sichuan. A devastating earthquake that hit the province in left more than 87, people dead or missing.Japan Earthquake and Tsunami & Relevance for U.S.

Earthquake in japan and in szechuan

Planning. Hurricane Katrina in , the Chinese Szechuan earthquake in , the Haitian and Chilean earthquakes, major flooding in Pakistan in , the New Zealand earthquake in Christchurch last month, and others.

Update UTC: The China Earthquake Administration has activated level-I emergency response procedures following a magnitude earthquake Tuesday in Jiuzhaigou County in southwest China's Sichuan Province.

Work teams have been sent to the stricken area to carry out emergency operations, the administration said in a statement. The Sichuan earthquake administration said the epicentre of the tremor was in Ngawa prefecture, largely populated by ethnic Tibetans, many of whom are nomadic herders, but also close to the.

Sichuan (pronunciation), formerly romanized as Szechuan or Szechwan, is a province in southwest China occupying most of the Sichuan Basin and the easternmost part of the Tibetan Plateau between the Jinsha River on the west, the Daba Mountains in the north, and the Yungui Plateau to the south.

Also the author will make a comparison between Japan’s Earthquake in and Sichuan earthquake in China in In addition to the research, I interviewed two people. 35 REPORT Comparison of Two Large Earthquakes: The Sichuan Earthquake and the East Japan Earthquake – From a Student Discussion Session in Beijing, –.

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