How to write a manifesto studentski

Sto Citas in Croatian.

How to write a manifesto studentski

His passion for study was strong, and he spent his spare time reading as soon as the day's work in the shop was over. His reading was mainly restricted to lives of the saints and accounts of the miracles they performed.

He became so engrossed in this literature that he considered living in the desert, becoming a saint, and working miracles himself. Once he tried to run away, but was dissuaded by a colleague.

His desire for the saintly life was strong, however, and the next time he succeeded. Three grossi worth of bread was enough for a two-day journey, but they spent four days on foot. No more work in the shop; he was free to devote all his time to reading, and since the library was full of sacred books he found himself in the surroundings he sought.

His passion for the lives of the saints and his desire to become a saint himself reached their climax at this time.

The longer he was there, the more his aspiration gradually waned.

how to write a manifesto studentski

On 2 November he went to Zagreb, where he mastered Latin. From there he planned to go further afield—perhaps to Russia, where several countrymen had already gone to pursue their studies or to Vienna, where the schools and libraries better suited his needs.

Obradovic's life in this Dalmatian village was idyllic. He was beloved by the villagers and it was a serene, comfortable and kindly atmosphere in which he lived, similar to that which surrounded the Vicar of Wakefield.

From Dalmatia he went to Montenegro where he spent several months living in Podmaine Monastery during his visits to Boka Kotorska in Ten years — passed since he began his travels. He learned Italian while in Dalmatia and acquired a thorough knowledge of Greek, both ancient and modern.

He showed a liking for England and the English. But the issue which interested Dositej most was the Serbian language—the adoption of a national language for Serbia, distinct from the Russo-Slavonic in which her literature had until then been written. His strong and sometimes narrow patriotism did not blind him to the risk of such a proposal, but his lectures and writings against the use of Russo-Slavonic did more than anything else to save the Serbian language.

Dositej also gave an impetus to a new generation of Serbian scholars, who became ardent supporters of the Serbian vernacular as a literary language. Dositej and a score of other well-educated Serbs from the territory of Austria-Hungary helped introduce state educational reforms in their respective territories as well as to the Serbs living in the Turkish-occupied part of Serbia.

He died in Belgrade in He was survived by his wife and 2 sons Traveling scholar[ edit ] In he headed to Greece to visit Mount Athosbut fell ill and went instead to Montenegro, where he worked for a time as a schoolteacher.

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Here he declared, "Write as you speak and read as it is written. He felt his people were backward and he wanted to raise their awareness of literature and culture. He began translating great works of other cultures into conversational Serbian. In in Smyrna, he studied theology, philosophy, Greek literature, rhetoric, and song as a pupil of the master teacher Hierotheos Dendrinos.

This gave him a classical education that few of his countrymen could obtain. He was a voracious reader, consuming books in Italian, Greek, and the Slavic languages while simultaneously writing and publishing his own moral works. In he traveled to Vienna, and there for the first time he came into contact with the ideas and works of the Western Enlightenment movement.

He supported himself by tutoring students in Greek and set about learning French, Latin, and German. He studied logic and metaphysics and tutored students in French and Italian once he had mastered those languages.

He also studied French and English literature.

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Next, inhe traveled to Triestecontinuing through Italy to the island of Chios.How to Write a Meaningful Manifesto in Five Steps. Have you ever wondered what makes a manifesto meaningful? How do you make it memorable? Why are some so compelling that it creates a call to action?

I remember the energy that Jerry Maguire poured into his manifesto, which was a game changer!

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