It s a wonderful life

Warner to deliver poison by mistake to an ailing child; foregoing college and a long-planned trip to Europe to keep the Bailey Building and Loan from letting its Depression-era customers down; and, most important, preventing town despot Potter Lionel Barrymore from taking over Bedford Mills and reducing its inhabitants to penury.

It s a wonderful life

August 22, Format: DVDVerified Purchase "It's a Wonderful Life", initially greeted with meager enthusiasm by the movie going public, who thought it too depressing for a Christmas film, finally came into its own when the days of TV syndication came along.

It was given an extra boost due to the fact that through inattention, the copyright ran out! When TV stations realized they could show it with no royalties due, it became a popular item in their schedules.

Movie fans, with a second chance to appreciate this film, found that they liked it after all.

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Once you understand that George Bailey's life is full and rich, even It s a wonderful life it never followed the course he himself had imagined for it, you understand that the movie isn't depressing at all. This was Jimmy Stewart's first film role after serving in, literally, heroic fashion as a bomber commander during World War II.

Despite being a star and subject to assignment in "morale roles" if he had so chosen, Stewart went into the Air Corp and flew a complete tour of 25 bomber missions. He also flew a number of other live missions that were tallied as flights where he trained air crews. When offered the chance to have those missions count against his tour of 25, he declined.

If you know anything about the history of WWII, you know that bomber crew duty in the European theater was pretty much the most dangerous combat assignment in the war.

This DVD presentation is extremely well done.

Live. professional. theatre.

Whether from a clean print or a masterful restoration or a combination of the twothe movie is free of artifacts of the type you find in old film prints or a rushed digital transfer. When you compare the actual film to scenes shown as examples in the two included documentaries, you can see what I mean.

And mentioning the two documentaries, they are very satisfying. One is hosted by Frank Capra Jr. He narrates interesting facts about his father and this film in particular in a warm tone that makes you feel part of the process. The second feature is hosted by Tom Bosley the father on "Happy Days".

That documentary is, I believe, somewhat longer. It goes into some of the casting choices that could have been made, which I always find interesting. Both have tidbits of history and trivia about the film that are anywhere from interesting to fascinating It is a must see for our family every Christmas season, and I have to say that I'm happy to own a DVD with a presentation of this high quality, so that I'm not subject to the random quality of prints shown on TV broadcasts.It’s A Wonderful Life has become a staple of the American Christmas celebration.

This timeless story takes a new turn as a ’s radio broadcast. With the help of a troupe of 5 radio actors portraying a few dozen characters, the story of idealistic George Bailey unfolds over the airwaves on Christmas Eve. Nov 24,  · The wonderful last part of the classic movie "It's A Wonderful Life" starring Jimmy Stewart.

This starts when he returns to his real life, very grateful and. IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE (Live Radio Play) – November 16 – December The venue: The Studio Theater; This beloved Frank Capra American holiday classic film comes to life as a . Clarence: You see George, you've really had a wonderful life.

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Don't you see what a mistake it would be to just throw it away? Don't you see what a mistake it .

It s a wonderful life

Released in , "It's a Wonderful Life" has become a holiday classic and remains the movie people associate with Christmas more than any other. Aug 29,  · Originally featured on BBC Radio 2’s Sound of The 80’s Compilation (), ‘Wonderful Life’ is now released as a single. All first year record label and artist royalties on sales in the UK.

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