Mr toxic free essay

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Mr toxic free essay

He gave her the impression that she would be getting a good settlement, but she lost the case. She is a single mom of three, has no money and is unable to find a job. She blames him for losing the case due to lack of preparation and forces her way in to a job at his law firm.

Because of the way she dresses and acts, nobody takes her seriously and treats her with respect. As she read through the documentation, she found it confusing that there was medical information included in the file. Erin becomes suspicious and asks to further investigate the case.

After talking with Donna Jensen, as well as other residents of Hinkley, she became aware that they all had similar medical problems. Erin made it her mission to convince the people and once she did, she was determined to do whatever necessary to make this large corporation pay for what they had done and the lives they ruined.

There are several ethical issues both personal and professional in this movie. The first ethical issue that comes up in the movie is when Erin asks if she could investigate the case further and Mr. Masry tells her to go ahead.

He should not have given her the authority to investigate since she is not a lawyer and has no legal experience. Throughout the movie Erin was practicing law illegally and Mr. Masry was aware of that.


For instance, she immediately goes to the home of Donna Jenson, admits she is not a lawyer, but proceeds to ask her about the real estate transaction and questions why medical records are included in the documentation. She continues to do things that only lawyers are permitted do, such as give advice to clients.

However, Erin does so in a way to earn their trust and becomes friends with many of the residents. This proves to be a pivotal point in keeping up the morale of the people when they begin to feel like the lawyers are failing them.

Although this issue was not dealt with in the movie, those doctors should have lost their right to practice.

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Upon realizing she needed to get information about the water in Hinkley, specifically the type of chromium, she went to the water board. She was told not to let them know what she was looking for or the records could disappear, so she was very vague and suggested she go back and look for them.

The employee was a young guy, so she used her sexuality to convince him to give her access to the records.

She goes right back to the water board and gets all the documentation she can find.

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Regular chromium is good for the body and chromium 3 is basically benign, however hexavalent chromium or chromium 6 depending on amount is toxic and harmful to humans. It can cause chronic headaches and nosebleeds, respiratory disease, liver failure, heart failure, reproductive failure, bone or organ deterioration, and cancer.

They led them to believe that it was perfectly fine to drink and ok for their kids to swim in the water. As it turns out, they had known about this problem for many, many years dating back to Another example of dishonesty was the fact that the company was trying to buy the land that was contaminated by hexavalent chromium before anybody realized it.

They lied and said that an expressway was going to be built and they needed to build an off-ramp to the plant.

Erin went door-to- door to meet with the residents to try to get them to join the cause. Even though her intentions were for the right reason and it was for the benefit of the people not the law firmthis is not the proper way to seek out clients, especially when you are not a lawyer.

After realizing that just about everyone in the town of Hinkley is sick and had medical problems related to the chromium, Erin convinces Ed to take this on as a lawsuit versus just a real estate case.

This was unethical conduct by Erin. However, right after this happens, Erin gets a mysterious call from someone trying to use scare tactics and threats to get her to stop investigating.

This type of behavior, especially by a corporation, is unethical and made them seem desperate. They start talking and she basically ends up interviewing him about the company.

When she told Ed about this, he never even mentioned that it was wrong. Then, later in the movie, Ed also encourages Erin to talk with Charles Embry to find out whatever information he knows.

As it turns out, he has the smoking gun that they need to seal the case — records he was told to destroy that had information about the water in the holding ponds and readings from test wells, from corporate dated List of stig introductions for essays biko song analysis essay descriptive essay about necklace uga college application essay tensorial analysis essay english essay syllabus for css full lebron james essay into the world there came a soul called ida analysis essay essay on myself for kindergarten al tri interpretive essay traffic congestion.

Mr. Frederick, a neighboring farmer, cheats Napoleon in the purchase of a few wood after which attacks the farm and dynamites the windmill, which have been rebuilt at fantastic cost. After the demolition of the windmill, a pitched conflict ensues, all through which Boxer gets fundamental wounds.

Toxic waste is waste material, often in chemical form that can cause death or injury to living creatures. It usually is the product of industry or commerce, but comes also from residential use, agriculture, the military, medical facilities, radioactive sources, and light industry, such as dry cleaning establishments/5(6).

Dulce et Decorum est and Anthem for Doomed Youth are both written by Wilfred Owen, and the two are composed to reveal "the war [World War I] and the guilt of war". The Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products. Free Essay Previews Read our free essay samples to really understand what each paper is about and see if it is right for your assignment.

Mr toxic free essay

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