Rizal and his relationship with other

His name is indeed everywhere—from coins and schools to streets and numerous monuments. Still, few Filipinos bother to look back at his life, and the principles that made him our unofficial national hero. So how do we inspire our countrymen, especially the millennials, to know more about this oft taken-for-granted hero? And despite what you may think, little Rizal was actually being naughty.

Rizal and his relationship with other

Dam, as well as the history and current status of the assets under his control and the possible political implications of that control and the use of the assets.

It was initiated by a request to consider the advantages of a plan put forward by Dr. Scott that His Excellency be allowed to privately invest part of this wealth into Third World countries by placing the money for projects in those countries with reputable International Consulting companies who would be selected to undertake the chosen projects.

The reasoning behind this, was that many Third World Governments are run by corrupt people who steal the wealth that is loaned to a country for projects, the projects do not get completed and the funds invested cannot be audited or anyone held accountable as International Institutions have no power or authority to audit the books of account of a Sovereign Government.

By placing funds through Consulting Companies who can be audited and held accountable, it would be possible to arrest the loss of money through corruption, and therefore, unfair debts would not be further imposed on the taxpayers of Third World countries. On December 12, the Washington Panel unanimously concluded that Dr.

Dam had that right as he was the Sole Owner and Arbiter for the use of that wealth. This decision fully-ratified and further acknowledged the Institutional Power and Authority granted to His Excellency Dr.

Dam by the Governments of the World. Under this Treaty the Guarantees given to the late President Soekarno of Indonesia are further guaranteed to his heir and the promises and hopes of the late President Soekarno for the better future of his people will be remembered and honored, as indeed they should be.

Through the term of his authority, His Excellency Dr.

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Dam has instituted Consolidated Credit Bank Limited as the certifying institution sanctioned by the Governments that have entrusted this wealth to him. In order to better manage the assets under his control and authority, and to further his capacity to undertake development projects of world significance and meaning, His Excellency has instituted the Office of International Treasury Control.

The purpose behind this is to provide proper and adequate management of the assets and resources under his control and the developing and institutionalizing the responsibilities of dealing with these investments and the proper use of these assets to the general betterment of the world.

It provides His Excellency with a Cabinet of Advisors who provide management and entrepreneurial expertise, these able to provide sound practical advise and assistance to the objectives of the Office. It is clear and apparent that the International Community required a governing mechanism to manage and control the use of these international combined assets in order that the economic needs of the World be managed with proper thought to the rights of all Nations.

The Appointment of His Excellency, Dr. Dam may be held under names of various companies, trusts, foundations, persons and other entities, but in all cases, they are under the dispositional authority and control of His Excellency Dr.

Dam the man is also His Excellency Dr. Dam the institution and holder of the special international protective rights assigned to him. This term His Excellency when used, invokes his special protected and indemnified international status that must be respected by all nations.

No asset under his control may be used in any manner whatsoever without his explicit approval and authorization. Furthermore, no asset under his control may be used or utilized by any person, government, bank or other entity without such use being initiated by His Excellency, Dr.

This rule has been abused by both Switzerland and United States for the past Sixty years. What allowed this was the internal inability of the Tripartite Gold Commission to get past the interests of their respective Governments.

This explains why the Federal Reserve never took up their seat on the Board within the Bank for International Settlements till the closure of the Tripartite Gold Commission at the end ofthough they did maintain their position through the membership of private banking institutions that owned the Federal Reserve.

On completion of it's established life of 50 years, the Tripartite Gold Commission was terminated and His Excellency, Dr. Any instruction issued by His Excellency Dr. Dam is the same as any lawful instruction given by any depositor in any bank in the world and compliance with that instruction is mandatory.

Any inference, direction, agreement, or instruction by any other authority and or institution, no matter where situate or how empowered, that is intended to subvert, or does in any way usurp, undermine, remove, restrict, limit or in any way damage that right to control is unlawful.

Any instruction given by His Excellency Dr. Dam must be fully complied with, for to do otherwise is illegal, as it is the unlawful denial of his natural legal rights and may be considered as theft, fraudulent conversion, fraud or other form of an illegal alienation of rights.

Dam that subvert the rights of ownership are essentially illegal, as these are agreed between Parties with no lawful claim to the assets, this particularly so when the assets have been subverted to such use without the knowledge and expressed consent of the owner, then placed under the control of another entity to act as the owner.

Nowhere in law with the exception of certain cases of incapacitation, madness or death is anyone allowed the right to subvert the lawful rights of another, or to sequester or convert the lawful property of another.

An instruction issued by His Excellency, Dr. Dam that is relative to his assets that is given to any bank holding or otherwise attached to his assets, is a lawful instruction to be obeyed without question.

Where two officers of a responsible institution fail in this obligation, the only reason that can be determined and considered is a conspiracy to subvert and or to defraud. Where a holding institution subverts this authority, the only reasonable causes that need to be considered are fraud, conversion or theft, as the natural legal rights of the actual and lawful owner, whose rights in common law, cannot be removed, mitigated or overridden by such an arrangement between parties who do not have any actual ownership interest in the asset.

Rizal and his relationship with other

Dam records his right of authority and his accession to such authority. Legal Decadency to Heir Number - RCD The recording of the transfer of ownership of all the assets of the international collateral combined accounts to the ownership and sole control of His Excellency Dr.Novel: Novel, an invented prose narrative of considerable length and a certain complexity that deals imaginatively with human experience, usually through a connected sequence involving a group of persons in a specific setting.

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ARTICLE II. ELECTION OF PRESIDENT AND VICE-PRESIDENT Sec. Regular election for President and Vice-President. - The regular election for President and Vice-President of the Philippines shall be held on the first Monday of May Nineteen hundred eighty seven () and .

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