Teletron co essay

Spiraling growth in telecom services, features, and vendors along with the deregulation in the telecom industry have made contract documents complicated, pricing programs, processes and billing. This apart, financial constrains have resulted in customer service getting compromised, lack of accuracy in billing, and reporting from telecom service providers. In this backdrop, inaccuracies as also opportunities for optimizing services happen frequently.

Teletron co essay

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This Essay Teletron, Co. Teletron was looking to grow their business from about 10 million dollars in sales to about million in They were looking to provide this in making use of the information technology realm. This proposition is being made by Robert Jonas, director of information technology at Teletron and Dennis Kirin, vice president of client services at Teletron.

There are many bennifits and risks to this new system and each must be carefully reviewed before coming to a decision on what to do. Inthere were around telecommunications providers in the United States. Surveys revealed that many companies were dissatisfied with the providers billing practices.

Many errors were being found that led to lost revenue and costly charges to the company. Telecommunications spending was forecasted to grow to billion in the year and continue to expand to million by With this outlook of potential revenue in this workspace, Teletron sees an opportunity in the area of providing services to handle billings of telecommunications services.

This is what Teletron did throughout the early 's. Teletron targeted customers in the United States that spent between 10, andper month on telecommunications services.

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They did not charge the company money if there was no discrepancy found in the billing statement. One of the major problems with this structure was that new clients had to be solicited continuously.

Most clients lasted from 6 months to a year and just cancelled the service due to the cost savings of them just doing the validation themselves. Teletron had a large advantage in market share for they respected industry.

They had companies in almost every state and totaled 5, clients in Bythings began to slow down a customers wanted to perform their own analysis and save the costs that Teletron charged to perform.

This is when Lybrook started to wonder how he was going to keep customers longer and how to automate some of the internal processes. By the end ofLybrook decided he wanted to grow the business to million by His vision was that he saw Teletron acting as an intermediary between the providers of telecommunications services and the users of those services.

Teletron would help it's clients solve problems.

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Teletron would still continue to offer it's consulting services, but now would provide a software product to it's clients on a subscription basis.

Lybrook proposed that three major changes needed to occur at Teletron in order for this new vision to come to life. First, the senior management needed to be replaced as there was a need for more experienced managers who have worked for million dollar companies.

Second, Tim proposed the creation of a new, complex piece of software called Virtual Analyzer. This software could be delivered from Teletrons server in ASP.

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He did not want a licensed piece of software as he felt that companies would not want to maintain the software. Third, Tim had to change the entire culture that was at Teletron currently. Increating the software package became the primary focus of Teletron's business model. The goals were as follows:Accounting Clerks - Accounting Clerks Accounting, bookkeeping, and auditing clerks are financial record-keepers.

Their work is to update and maintain accounting records containing of receipts, accounts receivable, expenditures, and profit and loss.

Teletron co essay

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Teletron co essay

A measureable goal was set toward Teletron .

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