The rebirth the true american dream

Now that the election is over, we can all breathe a great big sigh of relief.

The rebirth the true american dream

January 6, NewsWithViews. The right decisions will move us toward a Great Awakening and the rebirth of the American Dream.

The rebirth the true american dream

America, and along with it the entire world, is in a death spiral that results from The rebirth the true american dream faulty worldview which has infected the elite and entire masses of people with an ideological virus that produces a collective brain death. That faulty worldview can be summed up in one phrase: But what many people do not understand is that the State is simply a front for a secretive elite.

But that misses the main point of the movie, which brutally depicts the immorality and lawlessness in the Wall Street culture and the danger that represents to the economic well being of our nation and world.

Like the State, Wall Street is simply a front for a hidden economic elite. The middle class in America have not had a real real pay increase sinceprimarily because the actual value or buying power of the dollar is significantly less than it was in In the early s, when I was going to P.

Today, the minimum wage is nine dollars an hour and it is next to impossible to find those high paying non-skilled jobs because they have all been outsourced to places like China, whose economy is booming.

Who outsourced all those jobs?

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President Obama and the Democrats? The same secretive elite…an elite that our Founding Fathers like Jefferson, Washington and Hamilton wrote extensively about. The International Monetary Fund IMFwhich is also a front for the elite, is announcing ahead of time that the Western world will require defaults, a savings tax, and higher inflation as means to economic recovery because debt levels have reached a year high.

Do you really think that these debt levels reached a year high by accident? Do you really think that the international bankers who controlled the central banks of Europe for centuries, and the Federal Reserve, simply forgot to balance their books for two centuries? If we simply compare this Biblical prediction with current economic and technological data, we see that the global economic system is on the verge of flipping from the U.

Yet ultimately, the means for the Draconian seizure of pensions, retirement, and savings by governments with too much debt will be this mass global conversion into a one world economic system.

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For the moment, let us suspend the argument on whether or not there was a literal Garden of Eden with a literal Adam and Eve and look at it from primarily an economic perspective. In the Biblical text in the Book of Genesis there is an account of an original man and woman, whose names are Adam and Eve, and they enjoyed economic prosperity in an environmental and social Paradise.

The rebirth the true american dream

These original human beings were in some kind of close relationship to what the Bible calls the Personal Living God of the Universe, and this God empowered them to be rulers over Planet Earth.

On a genetic level, they were created physically and spiritually in the image of God and were infused with a life force that was so powerful that death and disease did not exist in them.

This had a tangible economic benefit because there were no health care or aging costs. Adam and Eve were always young, healthy, and productive. In addition, due to the complete social and political freedom they had, reproducing and having children was an economic blessing. They had no need for external energy sources like oil.

Now you may believe that the Genesis account is mythological or allegorical; I happen to believe that there is overwhelming evidence to suggest that it is literal, but for the moment this important debate can suspended and picked up at a later time. What is suggested in the Genesis account is the existence of perfect human beings who are rulers of the Planet, living in a constant state of economic and spiritual growth.

Adam and Eve were given a primary directive by their Creator and that was to be fruitful and multiply and have dominion over their world. It is important to notice that in this original world there was no death, disease, psychological problems, economic shortages, political struggles, shortages of any kind, crime, or war.American Dream Re-Birth.

73 likes. The Re-Birth of the American Dream. Time to co-create positivity. The American Dream is the right for each person to pursue his or her own idea of happiness.

Its history, from the Declaration of Independence. Album Of The Week: Trophy Eyes’ The American Dream The Aussie punk rockers set their sights on big dreams on ambitious third album Spiritual awakenings can happen in the strangest of places. The Rebirth of America Item Preview remove-circle Plymouth rock: a firm foundation -- Evidences of our Christian heritage -- The Bible and the dawn of the American dream / John Whitehead -- When America cried for Bibles -- How Christians started the Ivy League -- The invisible hand: God's influence in America's history -- When America moved Pages: The right decisions will move us toward a Great Awakening and the rebirth of the American Dream.

Beliefs have consequences and America’s rapid decline is not the result of the actions of one particular political party or leader, but rather a widespread belief in statism the virtual worship of government.

The Rebirth of True American Values. Published on November 13, in By Maria, Random Thoughts. 1 Comments. It’s a brand-new day in the USA. Republicans are welcome to this dream too. Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican, was, after all, the president who abolished slavery. He went to war in order to keep the United States united.

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