William howard taft

He attended Woodward High School in Cincinnati. At Yale Collegewhich he entered inthe heavyset, jovial Taft was popular. One classmate described him succeeding through hard work rather than being the smartest, and as having integrity.

William howard taft

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Early political career The son of Alphonso Taft, secretary of war and attorney general —77 under Pres. Grantand Louisa Maria Torrey, Taft graduated second in his Yale class ofstudied law, and was admitted to the Ohio bar in Drawn to politics in the Republican Partyhe served in several minor appointive offices untilwhen he was named to fill the unfinished term of a judge of the superior court of Ohio.

The following year he was elected to a five-year term of his own, the only time he ever attained office via popular vote other than his election to the presidency. From to he served as a judge of the United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, where he made several decisions hostile to organized labour.

He upheld the use of an injunction to stop a strike by railroad workers, and he declared illegal the use of a secondary boycott.

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On the other hand, he upheld the rights of workers to organize, to join a union, and to strike, and he extended the power of the injunction to enforce antitrust laws. Taft resigned his judgeship on March 15,to accept appointment by Pres.

Charged with organizing civil government in the islands following the Spanish-American WarTaft displayed considerable talent as an executive and administrator. In he became the first civilian governor of the Philippinesconcentrating in that post on the economic development of the islands.

Fond of and very popular among the Philippine people, Taft twice refused to leave the islands when offered appointment to the Supreme Court by Pres. Library of Congress, Washington, D. Although dissimilar in both physique and temperament, the rotund, easygoing Taft and the muscular, almost-manic Roosevelt nonetheless became close friends; the president regarded his secretary of war as a trusted adviser.

When Roosevelt declined to run for reelection, he threw his support to Taft, who won the Republican nomination and defeated Democrat William Jennings Bryan in the electoral college by votes to American presidential election, Results of the American presidential election, Sources: Campaign cardCard from the William Howard Taft presidential campaign, c.

Presidency However, progressives soon found abundant reason to be disappointed with Taft. Politically, Taft offended progressives when he failed to appoint any from their ranks to his cabinet.

He further angered progressives when he backed the Payne-Aldrich Tariff ofa highly protectionist measure that ironically was the product of a special session of Congress called by Taft to revise tariff rates downward.

William howard taft

Progressives, who favoured lower tariffs, expected a veto. Despite his close relationship with Roosevelt, Taft as president aligned himself with the more conservative members in the Republican Party. He did prove to be a vigorous trustbuster, however, launching twice as many antitrust prosecutions as had his progressive predecessor.

He also backed conservation of natural resourcesanother key component of the progressive reform program.

Taft’s Early Life and Career

But when he fired Gifford Pinchot —head of the Bureau of Forestry, ardent conservationist, and close friend of Roosevelt—Taft severed whatever support he still had among Republican progressives.

At first Roosevelt declined to criticize Taft by name, but by a breach between the former friends was clearly evident. When Roosevelt decided to challenge Taft for the Republican presidential nomination, the two attacked each other mercilessly in the Republican primary elections.

Believing that the convention had been rigged and that their man had been cheated out of the nomination he deserved, Republican progressives bolted their party to form the Bull Moose or Progressive Party and nominated Roosevelt as their presidential candidate.

The split in Republican ranks assured the election of Democrat Woodrow Wilson.

William howard taft

Roosevelt came in a distant second, and Taft, capturing less than a quarter of the popular vote, won just two states—Utah and Vermont. In the electoral college, Taft set a record for the poorest performance by an incumbent president seeking reelection: He won a mere 8 electoral votes compared with 88 for Roosevelt and for Wilson.

I might have won. As first ladyshe was a key political adviser to her husband. Life after the presidency On his departure from the White HouseTaft returned to Yale, where he became a professor of constitutional law.

He promptly took steps to improve the efficiency of the Supreme Courtwhich had fallen far behind in its work. Although generally conservative in his judicial philosophy, Taft was no rigid ideologue. His approval of court injunctions, for example, was limited by his insistence that injunctions could not be employed to interfere with the rights of workers to organize and strike.Topping the scales at over pounds, William Howard Taft was a true political heavyweight.

Although “Big Bill” was the only man to serve as both U.S. For decades, William Howard Taft University has offered distance learning degree programs to students throughout the world.

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The University is committed to providing a quality education responsive to the needs of society, now and into the future. William Howard Taft: William Howard Taft, 27th president of the United States (–13) and 10th chief justice of the United States (–30).

As president, Taft alienated progressive Republicans, thereby contributing to the split in Republican ranks in , to the formation of the Bull Moose Party, and to his failure to win a second term. 27 th PRESIDENT. NAME: William Howard plombier-nemours.com middle name was after his paternal grandmother, Sylvia Howard.

Friends called him Will. Because of his size, he earned the nickname Big Lub in school. Find out more about William Howard Taft's presidency, his position on the Supreme Court and his efforts to enforce world peace, at plombier-nemours.com The Republican William Howard Taft worked as a judge in Ohio Superior Court and in the U.S.

Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals before accepting a post as the first civilian governor of the Philippines.

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